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Azure, an anvil or Azure, an astrolabe or Azure, an episcopal staff argent ensigned with a cross patée or surmounted by a pall of the second edged and fringed or charged with four crosses formy fitchy sable
Armagh, Archbishopric of

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Azure, two crosiers in saltire or and in chief a mitre of the last Azure, a key in pale ward upwards between two mullets of six points or Azure, three pair of keys two and one or each pair addorsed and conjoined in the rings wards in chief
Argyll, See of
Abbotsbury Abbey

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Azure, three shovellers argent Azure, three spades argent Azure, three spades argent within a bordure or
Atclyffe (2)
Aynesworth (2)
Aynesworth (2/Alternative)

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Azure, three spades within a bordure or
Ainsworth (2)

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