Argent, on a cross gules a lion passant gardant or on a chief azure a portcullis of the third between two ostrich feathers of the first

Original blazon: Ar. on a cross gu. a lion pass. guard. or, on a chief az. a portcullis of the third betw. two ostrich feathers of the first.

Crest: A dexter arm in armour embowed ppr. garnished or, holding in a gauntlet a trailing-pike or leading-staff ppr. tasselled gold all betw. two dragons' wings expanded ar. each charged with a cross gu.

Supporters: Supporters— Dexter, a man ppr. his head and body in armour, his arms habited in buff, breeches gu. stockings ar. shoes ppr. holding in his exterior hand a pike. Sinister, a man ppr. habited as the dexter, except the armour on the body, this having a coat of buff ppr. over his left shoulder and under his right arm a belt strung with cartouches gu. in his sinister hand a musket erect, a resting staff and match-rope, and at his side a schimetar, all ppr.

Motto: Arma pacis fulcra.



Source: Burke's General Armory (1884)

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