See: Amos

Quartered: 1st and 4th, Argent, on a bend cotised between two annulets sable a quatrefoil between two roses of the field; 2nd, Per pale or and gules, a saltire engrailed counterchanged; 3rd, Per fess or and sable, in chief two calves statant and in base a dove volant counterchanged

Original blazon: Ar. on a bend cottised between two annulets sa. a quatrefoil betw. two roses of the field; quartering for Poole, per pale or and gu. a saltier betw. two mascles in pale and in fesse as many leopards' faces jessant de lis, counterchanged, and for Metcalf, per fesse or and sa. in chief two calves statant and in base a dove volant counterchanged.

Crest: A rose ar. slipped and leaved ppr. in front thereof an annulet or.

Supporters: -

Motto: -


(granted to Henry Metcalfe Ames, Esq. of Lindon, co. Northumberland, and his descendants, and the descendants of Lionel Ames, Esq., of the Hyde, co. Bedford).

2nd, Poole; 3rd, Metcalf

'Source: Burke's General Armory (1884)

[The blazon below needs clarifying...]

Original blazon: Same Arms, quartering Poole, Chauncey, etc.

Crest: -

Supporters: -

Motto: Fama candida rosa dulcior.


(Cote House, Westbury-on-Trym, co. Somerset).

2nd, Poole; 3rd, Metcalf, , quartering Poole, Chauncey, etc.

'Source: Burke's General Armory (1884)

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