Argent, a chevron gules between three torteaux each charged with a talbot passant or on a chief azure a lion passant between two crescents ermine

Original blazon: Ar. a chev. gu. betw. three torteaux each charged with a talbot pass. or, on a chief az. a lion pass. betw. two crescents erm.

Crest: A demi heraldic tiger quarterly or and gu. gorged with a collar counterchanged chained gold holding betw. the paws a juilie flower of three branches ppr.

Supporters: -

Motto: Fortis et fidelis.


(St. Wolstan's, co. Kildare, originally of Cotteshall, co. Norfolk, confirmed to Sir John Alen, lord chancellor of Ireland, A.D. 1551, and borne by his grandnephew. Sir Thomas Alen, Bart, of St. Wolstan's : the present representative is Capt. Luke John Henry Alen).

Source: Burke's General Armory (1884)

Sable, three lozenges or

Original blazon: Sa. three lozenges or.

Crest: -

Supporters: -

Motto: -



Source: Burke's General Armory (1884)

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